Online Conferencing

An Affordable Conferencing System

Online conferencing will not break your budget! In fact, when you add up the travel costs that you will save when you hold meetings online, the costs of this service become negligible. MegaMeeting is available in four versions, suited to individuals, small companies, large organizations and companies that wish a private branded version.

What to Expect in an Online Conference

The MegaMeeting system of online conferencing is video-centric. Members are connected with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), allowing them to speak and hear each other using standard headsets or speakers and desk microphones. If you have a web camera, then your colleagues will be able to see you. And, likewise you will be able to see up to 16 simultaneous video windows.

Business users will find the Professional package perfect for connecting branch offices. In addition to video, the web conferencing component of this product allows you to perform tasks such as showing PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, websites or anything else you wish to share with your online meeting attendees. The Professional solution also gives you a customized log-in url, such as

Perhaps the host of your conference will show a PowerPoint demonstration or perhaps you will all look at a particular Word document. The MegaMeeting system makes it easy to make conference wide presentations and for participants to take part in application sharing.

All of this is done with the equipment that is normally found in any office. Perhaps you may want to go out and get a web camera, but beyond that there is nothing more to get.

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