Online Web Meetings

Online Meetings Reduce Travel Related Costs & Headaches and Extend Your Marketing Reach

Holding meetings online is about to become commonplace. Now, anyone with a broadband Internet connection and a browser can log onto the Internet and take part in or host a web conference, a web and video conference or a webinar. Previously it was necessary to download and install complicated Internet meeting software and buy expensive equipment in order to enjoy the convenience of Internet meetings and webinars. MegaMeeting has taken web and video conferencing services a step further with new, 100% desktop, browser based web conferencing services and webinar software that does not require any special installation on your computer. Participating in an online meeting has never been this easy!

Do you want to keep in touch with employees, business contacts or clients? MegaMeeting's video and web conferencing services make it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world to log on and participate in your Internet meeting. The service works on any operating system, Mac, Windows or Linux, and users can take part even if their computers are protected by a firewall. Try a Live Demo from MegaMeeting today and see how easy your next online meeting can be!

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