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Since becoming established in 2003, MegaMeeting.com has pursued a goal of making Internet conferencing and audio conferencing via the web both simple and affordable for millions of people. In doing so, we are looking to break down barriers and provide for seamless business communications experiences on the Internet. Our 100-percent browser-based Teleconferencing and Internet video conferencing solutions require no software to download, install or configure. You can host or attend a video or Web Conference by simply opening a browser. MegaMeeting.com works with just about any web camera and all major operating systems Windows, Mac and Linux. Our customers are capable of hosting meetings, presentations and trainings over the Internet in real time. We have powerful collaboration tools for robust video and Web conferences, including advanced features such as desktop/application sharing without the necessity of uploading any files and remote control tech support. In addition to boasting the finest customer service around, we rival high-end Audio & Video Conferencing and Internet Conferencing systems at a fraction of the cost. If you want more bang for your buck in your business communications endeavors, contact us today!