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"Everyone together in the same room, miles apart."
- Brandon Marcum, Training Officer, Noblesville Fire Department

Covering over 55 square miles, The Noblesville Fire Department provides their services to over 41,000 citizens who reside in the town of Noblesville, Indiana. There are 7 fire stations within their jurist diction consisting of over 132 career firefighters who along with fire suppression provide emergency medical services to the area.

The Noblesville Fire Department has found MegaMeeting.comís 100% Browser-based Video & Web Conferencing Solution to not only save them thousands of dollars a year in travel expenses but it also helps them stay connected with their friends and families when working long hours.

Prior to using MegaMeeting.com, the stations within the Noblesville Fire Department would leave their district stations to come to the main station for training. Because of this, certain areas of town would be left without fire protection for the two hours trainings were being held. Since the inception of MegaMeeting.com, The Noblesville Fire Department can now show PowerPoint presentations and play movies through the system at their main station and have those trainings broadcasted out to the individual district firehouses. This saves the department over $3,000 a year on fuel and it keeps trucks in their district area for an additional 900 hours per year.

IFIA develops, promotes and provides instruction by administering emergency services education and training at a minimal cost through the creation of emergency services schools, seminars and conferences.

The Indiana Fire Instructors Association (IFIA) is currently using MegaMeeting.com's browser based video and web conferencing solution in its Training department and for use by its Board of Directors. The IFIA is utilizing MegaMeeting products to conduct seminars, company meetings and to train their clients. Additionally, IFIA uses MegaMeeting's web conferencing software for monthly Board meetings and training sessions for their association members and clients.

Prior to implementing MegaMeeting's video conferencing services, Chad Abel, President of IFIA, explained that they relied on teleconferencing and travel. MegaMeeting enables them to save time and money, as well as allows their Board members, clients and members to spend more time with their families since they do not have to travel across the country for meetings.