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MegaMeeting Free Affiliate Program

Join Our Free Affiliate Program and Earn Money on Referral Sales of MegaMeeting.com Video & Web Conferencing Services

Here's how it works. You will place banners and/or text advertisements on your website with a link to MegaMeeting. Your link will have a unique affiliate number identifying you as the referrer. If any of your referred visitors buy web or video conferencing services from MegaMeeting, then you will earn 20% of the sign-up fees paid by this new customer to MegaMeeting for conferencing services. Since the average new client pays $995 to sign-up, this would result in you receiving a one time payment of $199 simply for having a link on your website to MegaMeeting.com. Referrals that sign-up for MegaMeeting's Enterprise product will result in you receiving a minimum one time payment of $1,649. The amount of money that you receive each month will only be limited by the amount of qualified traffic you send to the MegaMeeting website. The more qualified traffic you send to the MegaMeeting website, the more referrals that purchase MegaMeeting's services, the more your residual monthly annuity grows. It's that simple!

Program Details

In order to be successful in affiliate marketing you have to know the product and do your best to convince your web visitors that MegaMeeting is something that will help them. The better you are able to “pre-sell” the service, the more likely that your referred visitors will go on to buy the service, and earn a commission for you.

Affiliates of MegaMeeting can confidently recommend this service because it has a number of unique features that make it a “must” for companies that want to maintain communications with their staff or clients, but also save money on transportation and time out of their office. Here are some of the important features that set MegaMeeting apart from other services.

  • MegaMeeting is a browser based system that requires no downloads or complicated installations
  • MegaMeeting runs on all operating systems and with all browsers
  • Video Conferencing with MegaMeeting allows up to 16 simultaneous video windows. This is a video-centric conferencing system
  • MegaMeeting is easy to use and extremely powerful, delivering a service that can be used by thousands of small, medium and large organizations and businesses
  • It has low start-up prices allowing even individuals and the smallest organizations to use it
  • High-end users can have a "private label" version and offer the service without the MegaMeeting.com logo or identification

If you have been looking for a good online affiliate business in a growing market, then the MegaMeeting affiliate program is for you!

Marketing Tools

Please use the following documents to familarize yourself with the product line. Feel free to distribute them as you see fit among prospective clients, your personal website and other areas of interest for growing your Free Affiliate status.

Feel free to download and distribute the following valuable articles to prospects:

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