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MegaMeeting Internet Business Program

Are you Searching for a Profitable Internet Business Opportunity? Become a Video and Web Conferencing Reseller and Start Making Money Now!

When it comes to starting a business, the beauty of the Internet is that it allows you to start earning a supplemental or a full time income without making a huge outlay of money. In the "brick and mortar" world of conventional business you would have to spend thousands of dollars just to open your store or office.

However, the ease of entry associated with online business opportunities also results in a flood of would-be entrepreneurs and the overcrowding of some fields. That's why it's important to choose a product or service that hasn't been beaten to death by thousands of affiliates and resellers.

So, what is a great online business opportunity right now? Video and Web conferencing is a service that is in its infancy. MegaMeeting.com has developed video and web conferencing services that are easy to use and very powerful. You can make commissions by becoming a reseller of the MegaMeeting conferencing systems.

Program Details

Take a look at what MegaMeeting offers:

  • MegaMeeting is a browser based system that requires no downloads or complicated installations
  • MegaMeeting runs on all operating systems and with all browsers
  • Video Conferencing with MegaMeeting allows up to 16 simultaneous video windows. This is a video-centric conferencing system
  • MegaMeeting is easy to use and extremely powerful, delivering a service that can be used by thousands of small, medium and large organizations and businesses
  • It has low start-up prices allowing even individuals and the smallest organizations to use it
  • High-end users can have a "private label" version and offer the service without the MegaMeeting.com logo or identification

In a time when travel costs are rising and broadband connections to the Internet are growing, online conferencing makes great sense; it is an industry that is about to boom. All a reseller has to do is to get this information in front of the right web visitors, and the service will sell itself. MegaMeeting is billed on a monthly basis and when you sign up subscribers to the service, you will earn commissions for as long as they stay subscribed!

Benefits to MegaMeeting.com Resellers:

  • Receive a 30% commission on the set-up/licensing fees for all MegaMeeting.com Services sold.
  • Receive a 20% commission on the recurring monthly revenues that MegaMeeting.com receives (for sales made by the Reseller). With each sale you make, you will be increasing the amount of money you will be receiving on a monthly basis. As a MegaMeeting Reseller, you will continue to receive your on-going, recurring monthly commissions as long as clients that you sold continue to pay their monthly subscription fee and as long as you continue to sell a minimum of one new MegaMeeting system each quarter.
  • Receive a 10% 'finder's fee' for all one-time meeting sales and referrals that purchase MegaMeeting.com Services.
  • Sell valuable services that are easy to demo, services that 'sell themselves', in an industry that is in its infancy and just starting to explode. If you can get in front of qualified prospects, you can easily sell a lot of MegaMeeting.com services!
  • MegaMeeting also has a private label reseller option allowing you to present the service as your own creation.

You can start your own business and also have access to the full services of MegaMeeting. For the fee of $99 per month you will get a service that includes a fully functioning 5 user room. Included with this, is a thorough training in the MegaMeeting conferencing system allowing you to become an "expert" in this new field.

If you have been scratching your head and wondering how to cash in on the new opportunities that the Internet offers, then don't miss this opportunity to get in on the next great online boom.

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