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” Mega Meeting has provided us with a communication tool that is reliable and effectively delivers our weekly broadcast to multiple physicians.”
- Ruth Pothier, CIO, Pentucket Medical Associates

For over forty years Pentucket Medical has been providing extraordinary health care to the residents of the Merrimack Valley. With the latest in diagnostics, technology, and research, they proudly offer unparalleled acute, chronic, and wellness care to our patients. Their primary care and specialty teams include over 300 dedicated physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and clinical and administrative support staff.

The Pentucket Medical Associates uses the MegaMeeting screen sharing to show PowerPoint presentations in their seminars and training of employees. The ability to easily conduct web-based meetings has saved them time by reducing the number of training sessions required and allows for lectures to reach a broader audience.

Prior to using MegaMeeting, the Pentucket Medical Associates used a different web conferencing company and held more onsite training sessions. Since using MegaMeeting they are able to broadcast physician’s weekly clinical journal clubs to both in house doctors at multiple sites as well as non - facility clinicians.

"Megameeting is a great collaboration and teamwork tool to for small muntinational companies like ours."
- Perry Loh, President, Loh Enterprises, LLC

Loh Enterprises exports durable medical equipment to Latin America and the Caribbean. Their mission is to provide independence and mobility to customers and patients. This includes the elderly, the handicapped and the infirm. They sell power chairs, scooters, walkers, canes and other durable medical devices that allow people who would normally be impeded in their daily activities to resume an active and productive lifestyle.

Loh Enterprises utilizes MegaMeeting web conferencing in their Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Administration, Executives and Accounting departments. Video Conferencing services saves the company time, increases productivity and has allowed International teamwork between employees in different countries. This affords Loh Enterprises a quick, easy environment which simulates one big office.

Prior to MegaMeeting, Loh Enterprises conducted business via telephone, Email and Instant Messanging, resulting in a far less personal and productive workplace. "[MegaMeeting is] faster than Email, [even] phone in some cases.", said Loh.

"Instant set up, reliable service, and a mighty bang for your buck!"
- James Clent, CIO, DaVita Rx

DaVita provides dialysis services for those diagnosed with chronic kidney failure, a condition also known as chronic kidney disease (CKD). They have over 1,400 outpatient dialysis facilities and acute units in over 700 hospitals. They are located in 43 states and the District of Columbia, serving approximately 110,000 patients.

Davita uses MegaMeeting video conferencing servicee as a way for company executives to keep in touch from a distance. As a company, they are currently utilizing the MegaMeeting services for department meetings and long distance collaboration projects. The ability to communicate via video conference has saved the company countless dollars and man hours. Davita has seen an increase in focus since using the MegaMeeting service, which increases productivity and allows employees to communcate better by broadcasting body language during a meeting.

Before switching to MegaMeeting, Davita held meetings and long distance collaboration projects via telephone and in person, at a significantly increased cost to the company. They enjoy MegaMeeting's No Hardware, No Software approach to online meetings. The low footprint has allowed them to run a more Green business, keep in touch while away on business and save money all at once.

When asked if Davita would be utilizing MegaMeeting for other aspects of it's business, James Clent said, "Yes, we see more and more application for this, mostly in managing functions remotely."