3-D video conferencing becomes reality

Thursday, January 6 2011

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where the hottest gadgets and technologies debut, Panasonic has unveiled its new upgrade for video conferencing.

The company introduced an immersive three-dimensional, high definition visual communications system, which will provide a more realistic and enhanced picture as opposed to traditional, two-dimensional video conferencing technology.

The technology will enhance productivity and collaboration in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and education. According to Panasonic, the product allow teachers to easier demonstrate for students, manufacturers to view computer aided design in real time and physicians to view and demonstrate medical procedures with greater clarity.

Video conferencing allows for businesses and other institutions to forgo travel without sacrificing connections with outside organizations. The better the technology, however, the more likely a company is to see video conferencing as a viable alternative to traveling. Panasonic hopes that their 3-D product will further this trend.

Also debuted by Panasonic at CES 2011, according to the website Engadget, were voice and video calling-enabled Viera Cast televisions, sound bars for flat-panel televisions, new plasma, LED and LCD HDTV's and new Blu-ray players.