5 tips for online video interviews

Wednesday, November 7 2012

Job seekers must be prepared for every job opportunity because, in today's economy, people are lucky to even receive an interview. Some applicants are asked to complete their interviews using video conferencing software. A growing number of businesses prefer this meeting method because it allows them to speak with candidates from around the world and helps recruiters complete many meetings each day.

As with all job interviews, potential employees need to ready themselves prior to meeting with the interviewer. Companies usually only give an applicant a single opportunity to make a great impression and failure to do so can result in a continued job search. Following these five steps can help interviewees perform well while using online video software.

Make technical adjustments
Your computer is your means of communication with a prospective employer, so the device has to be working well to avoid potential hiccups during your digital interview. You may want to consider holding a video conference call with a friend or family member before your interview. This practice allows you to see how you should adjust the volume and camera settings so you sound and look clear to an interviewer.

If your browser or web conference software is out of date, make sure it's compatible with your interviewer's application. You should also be mindful of any recent updates. Practice using any new menus and tools so you can join a remote meeting quickly and access all of the program's features, such as document sharing so you can send your resume to a recruiter.

Find a professional setting
While job seekers don't have to travel to an office to meet with recruiters to complete web interviews, it's important that candidates still appear in professional settings. Webcams have become increasingly powerful and produce highly detailed images, so viewers can see backgrounds clearly.

A hiring manager likely won't be impressed if an interviewee is sitting in a visibly messy room or decided to complete the web conference while outside. Job seekers need to find quiet, clean spaces where they can be interviewed without any distractions.

Close all other applications
One of the most tempting parts of using video conferencing technology is the ability to open other programs simultaneously. Users can check their favorite websites and still participate in discussions, but it's an unprofessional practice.

Interviewers know when someone isn't paying attention, so if you open another application it'll be noticed almost immediately and effectively end your chances of working for that company.

There is another danger with running multiple programs simultaneously - too many active applications can hurt a computer's overall performance. A video conference requires a great deal of computing power so viewing too many windows at once may cause your digital interview to lag.

Dress for the job you want
Business attire must be worn during an online interview. As with the setting chosen for your meeting, your clothes create an impression. If you're asked to complete a digital meeting you should wear the same clothes that you'd wear to in-person conferences.

Job seekers who wear casual attire may be dismissed quickly. Employment candidates should keep in mind that even though they don't have to leave their homes to complete video interviews, they must behave professionally.

Don't become too relaxed
A common trap interviewees can fall into is being too comfortable when interviewing from home. Because they aren't in office environments some of the pressure may be removed from job seekers who may become too casual with their manners.

Remember that you're speaking with a professional and they expect you to behave properly. Avoid relaxing just because you're at home and act as if you were in an office.