Are video conferencing and digital signatures a match made in heaven?

Thursday, September 19 2013
Are video conferencing and digital signatures a match made in heaven?

It's well established that video conferencing technology is one of the best resources that enterprises can use to increase productivity and business communications. Both the gear and collaboration software are vital for ensuring that corporations can thrive in the modern marketplace.

But there are ways to enhance video conferencing's effectiveness for businesses. By pairing the technology with other state-of-the-art tools, companies can ensure that they always have a leg up on the competition.

You're probably wondering what could possibly make communications software even more effective aside from robots and holograms. The answer, of course, is digital signature software.

Forget pens and paper
The idea of finalizing legally binding deals took off in 2012. According to Slam Online, in July of that year, Deron Williams, an NBA superstar, inked a $98-million deal contract with the Brooklyn Nets via his iPad.

This is probably the biggest case of someone using a digital-signing app. At the very least, it's the most public instance of this new technology affecting how a major figure in his field completed one of the most lucrative deals of the year.

As with all new gear, digital signing's in a constant state of evolution and only getting better. For instance, Gizmodo recently pointed out that Shake, one such mobile app, provides template contracts for matters like sales, non-disclosures and loans. The news source reports that the company's CEO has boasted that $1 million in contracts have been signed through the app.

Combining signatures with conferencing
Now that all sounds well and good, but the technology is even more beneficial when video conferencing is thrown into the mix.

Think about how deals are done in your business every day. It's highly unlikely that you're mailing out contracts to vendors and clients without ever discussing terms and negotiating. Further, it's very doubtful that you or your employees go back and forth with other parties over the phone or via email.

That's why the combination of video conferencing and digital signing is a match made in heaven for your enterprise. Whenever you need to hammer out a deal with someone, you can simply hold a meeting thanks to online video software to discuss every last detail. Once you've reached a fair compromise for everyone, you can write up the contract, share it and then collect their John Hancock through an app. Sometimes the best way to improve operations is by pairing new technology to create synergy.