'Women in Chemistry' conference available online

Friday, February 25 2011

A conference called The Future of Women in Chemistry and Science was recently organized to bring together leaders in chemistry to discuss the role of women in the field, according to The Street.

The session will be held online through web conferencing technology, providing convenience to everyone who will be taking part. The news report mentions that topics included will range from advancing the appreciation of the science as well as ways to foster and mentor young women interested in chemistry.

According to Theresa Kotanchek of Dow, the "virtual conference allows many of the key female leaders in the field of chemistry the chance to tell their stories and to share personal insights" as to how how females are revolutionizing the arena and presenting new and innovative ideas.

Web conferencing not only creates a more comfortable atmosphere for the key female speakers, it also allows other participants around the globe to easily log in for free and watch what these women have to say.

The forum is also important as it marks the 100th anniversary of Marie Curie being awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry.