2 ways teachers can use video conferencing technology

Monday, July 1 2013

Video conferencing technology has become commonplace in almost every type of facility, including schools. Educators can use the communication platform to strengthen lesson plans and give students access to enhanced resources without going over budget. According to EdTech Magazine, there are a number of ways teachers can capitalize on video conferencing, including collaborating on projects and going on virtual field trips.

Teachers must actively engage students to ensure that they're actually paying attention to their education. The news source explains that video conferencing allows educators to collaborate with other classes and professionals to add an interactive element to lessons.

Projects can be completed in conjunction with another teacher and group of students. Educators should consider working with others from schools across the country or around the world so students learn about other cultures.

Virtual field trips
Video conferencing also allows teachers to take their classes on field trips without ever leaving school grounds. An educator can set up a meeting with experts from around the world so students can learn from more than just their textbooks. The digital option eliminates travel expenses and safety concerns associated with traditional field trips.