3 benefits of video conferencing

Tuesday, May 21 2013

Video conferencing software is becoming more and more popular as business leaders begin to realize the benefits of digital meetings. As companies grow increasingly reliant on technology, there has been a steady migration away from in-person discussions. Additionally, work-from-home policies have become fixtures in many industries so administrators have begun integrating the best video conferencing software available with current communication systems.

Digital meetings offer many benefits that can help improve daily business procedures. Video conferencing reduces overhead expenses, allows companies to use a wide range of technology and saves time.

Reduced overhead
Business leaders are focused on the bottom line more than anything else. As the economy fluctuates between recovery and stagnation, executives are trying to slash overhead expenses while simultaneously boosting revenue.

Mashable points out that video conferencing allows companies to reduce travel spending while keeping in touch with remote clients and employees. Traveling can be expensive and quickly eats into a business' overall budget, but digital meetings provide the same level of communication at a fraction of the cost. Ultimately, firms can spend less than usual by implementing new software and upgrading their strategies.

Compatibility with multiple devices
In today's digital age, professionals want to use all of their devices for business purposes. Fay Beauchine, the president of engagement and events at Carlson Marketing, notes that many of her clients want to be able to access meetings from the gadgets of their choosing instead of having limited options.

"More clients are asking us to download content to attendees for a range of devices: PDAs, iPods, laptops. That lets them watch at their leisure," Beauchine told Executive Travel Magazine.

Video conferencing software is compatible with multiple devices including tablets so meeting participants can use their iPads to log into their discussions. Additionally, other employees can continue to access conferences from their laptops.

Saving time
Besides the cost, the problem with business travel is how much time it consumes. An employee might only need to speak with a client for an hour, but getting from one location to the other can take twice as long.

According to the University of Miami, video conferencing helps businesses save time. Employees won't spend as much time on the road and can focus on their meetings instead. After the conferences are complete, workers can return to their desks and start other projects because they don't have to return home.