4 types of webinars

Wednesday, June 26 2013

With video conferencing software, you can host regular webinars to educate clients or train employees. Brief educational sessions ensure that your contacts always have access to new information and are never out of date. According to TechSoup, there are four different types of webinars that you can use:

One speaker
This approach only involves one presenter who is in charge of the entire webinar. He or she speaks to the audience, goes over visual aids and answers questions to end the session. One speaker can usually manage all of these tasks.

For a more varied style, an interview might be the best solution. The news source explains that the host asks questions to another professional. Businesses can bring in corporate leaders, subject-matter experts or clients to serve answer inquiries during the webinar.

A panel is also beneficial for companies that want to include a wide range of opinions in the online session. A moderator will pose questions to a group of speakers who will provide observations and debate the merits of their thoughts.

Lastly, an interactive webinar is one in which audience members actively participate by asking questions and completing exercises. These conferences are typically more engaging than lengthy lectures.