A few ways to cut business expenses

Tuesday, February 14 2012

Every business can implement the following solutions to cut costs on maintenance and energy.

Spray foam insulation
If your office property was installed with traditional insulation, then there is likely an unnecessary amount of air leakage. When warm air during the winter, or cold air during the summer, escapes a building, the central heating system is forced to work harder to replace that air. With spray foam, the walls will be insulated properly with a better air barrier, and the temperature in the building is maintained for a longer duration.

Cut down the business trips
While a business trip to a major conference or exhibition may be absolutely necessary, you should consider lowering the amount of flights you take to meet with business affiliates. Instead, use video or web conferencing to talk with business partners overseas or in another city. This can save your company thousands of dollars per year, taking into account the cost of flights and hotels.

If you have multiple locations across the city, state or country, or if some of your employees are currently at remote locations, you should use a webinar session and record it for later use. If you have major protocol changes or any significant announcement that needs to be discussed, you can provide a live or recorded webinar to inform employees and clients. You can make this video feed available to anyone with an internet connection, and this will definitely save you time, as the other option would be to host a meeting in-office.

Strict hours of operation
Although some workers may like to get some extra work done at the end of the night, you must set limits. There is no reason to keep the entire building's electricity running just for a few employees. Unless it's an emergency, you should have your building manager limit the amount of electricity used after everyone's shifts are over.

Sometimes, the ways that we can save money aren't so easy to spot. With the technological advancements in the housing and tech industries, you can implement economically friendly, cost-efficient and speedy solutions.