A virtual whiteboard takes video conferencing to the next level

Friday, January 28 2011

If video conferencing systems have one limitation, it's that you can't interact with the people on the other side of the conference the way you would in a real boardroom. But now, one tool is making the video conferencing experience even closer to the in-person one: Virtual whiteboards.

In a face-to-face meeting, the whiteboard often becomes an invaluable tool, allowing you to jot down ideas, illustrate concepts with diagrams and graphs, and make bulleted lists of the meeting's important points. The lack of this ability during video and web conferences has been a minor problem for some businesspeople, but now virtual whiteboards are bringing the exact same capability to online meetings.

A virtual whiteboard functions much like a real one, allowing you to write, draw and erase as the meeting progresses. You can also share the whiteboard with your collaborators, so they can draw and write, as well - just like in a face-to-face meeting.

Virtual whiteboards have endless applications, from webinars to online classes to video conferences. Whether you're looking to brainstorm, create an agenda or draw a graph, a virtual whiteboard is a useful tool.