AMA webinar focuses on opioid prescriptions

Wednesday, November 21 2012

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 15,000 Americans die from overdosing on opioids every year. Doctors have taken precautions to minimize the likelihood that patients ingest fatal doses, and a recent webinar held by the American Medical Association (AMA) may help that goal.

The discussion focused on new strategies for helping clients cope and overcome pain caused by various injuries and ailments. The AMA held the webinar, the first in a series, on November 1 and told physicians to exercise caution when prescribing painkillers. Additionally, they gave alternatives for treating some common diseases, including respiratory problems and sleep-related issues.

The medical community relies on sharing information to provide patients with the best care possible and AMA's webinar highlights the benefits of using video conferencing software for instant connections. The technology allows experts to share strategies on how to curb accidental overdoses and addictions.

The AMA also noted that not every doctor could attend the webinar at its original date and time, so the association recorded and uploaded the discussion to its website. Participating in this series can help doctors learn how to responsibly prescribe opioids and hopefully reduce the number of fatalities in the near future.