ATMs soon to have video conferencing capabilities

Tuesday, August 16 2011

Video conferencing has changed the way we communicate with businesses and with one another. Whether used to conduct interviews with potential new-hires across the country or to reduce travel expenses, video conferencing has developed a new method of communication.

It only make sense that the technology would integrate into new markets to provide better customer service. Evolving video conference technology has been introduced to bank systems. New prototypes have been developed that provide users of ATMs with the option to video conference with a teller even when the bank is not open.

Banks often operate on inconvenient hours that differ from the rest of the working world. For people who need assistance during their banking experience but reach a location after it has closed for the day, it can be a frustrating circumstance. As technology improves, ATMs are beginning to replace the need of physical workers to be present inside a functioning bank. ATMs with video conferencing equipment can be accessed at anytime of the day or night and assist people with their needs whenever they occur.