African businesses find success through video conferencing

Wednesday, June 22 2011

The continent of Africa is constantly plagued by tragedy, from political upheavals to massive health epidemics. As a result, it is often difficult for companies to coordinate with one another over vast distances. Travel can be a dangerous affair, as cultural boundaries shift and political changes affect laws and regulations.

One bright spot for businesses in that region is the adoption of video conferencing technology. reports that the practice of communicating via web conferences is on the rise and is expected to have a positive effect on the booming economy of many African countries. Given the many hindrances to traditional travel and collaboration, it is expected that after investing in a teleconferencing suite, African companies can save almost 70 percent on their transportation and meeting budgets.

These lessons provide some insight into how North American and European businesses can reduce costs. Though moving from one state or country to another in those regions isn't as difficult, there are savings to be had from meeting remotely and collaborating across distances. Given the varied cultural and linguistic boundaries that divide Africa, companies in places that are less diverse should have an even easier time communicating with one another.