Agricultural industry turns to webinars for education

Monday, October 8 2012

More industries are implementing web conferencing technology into their digital processes. Collaboration software makes it easier to send information to companies that are spread all over the globe.

In the United States, agricultural businesses are hosting webinars so farmers can learn about the latest trends and new products remotely. These video conferences connect the entire sector so that every worker and enterprise is fully aware of any potential changes looming on the horizon.

Responding to this summer's drought and seasonal crop expectations have been the main focus of many recent webinars. The Agricultural Nutrient Policy Council (ANPC) recently hosted a web conference regarding how low water levels affect crops and their ecosystems. Purdue Extension, meanwhile, held a webinar to go over the business forecast for next year in response to dry seasons.

Moving forward, more companies are expected to take part in web conferences. The technology allows agricultural businesses to stay in touch and draft plans to deal with environmental changes and obstacles. As more enterprises take part in web meetings, further problems can be avoided because the entire sector will have the real-time information to respond and react.