An international technology company uses video conferencing to eliminate email clutter

Friday, December 9 2011

Atos, a global company with its headquarters in France, is aiming to become an email-free company by 2013. The alternative - utilizing social media tools and online chat systems including video conferencing - will reduce the pollution of the company's work environment and encroachment on employees' personal lives, stated Atos chairman and chief executive Thierry Breton to an Australian news source.

The company has reduced internal mail by 20 percent in six months, since it began working toward the email-free goal.

Companies such as Atos that value video conferencing as a stronger method of communication may consider face-to-face interaction just as necessary as written messages. Studies in verbal and non-verbal communication show that a light-hearted written message can be misinterpreted in a negative light and cause tension between workers for no reason other than the recipient did not translate its meaning the way that the sender intended.

Services that offer video conferencing technology can be beneficial to the internal workings of a company by allowing employees to set up online meetings, briefings and address each issue without any misunderstanding of the given message.