Apply for a real job at a virtual job fair

Tuesday, May 10 2011

Video conferencing technology is now helping job seekers find employment. This summer will see the debut of the Virtual Job Summit in Santa Cruz, California.

The country's first virtual job fair is unfortunately only aimed at life science masters and PhD graduate students. However, this type of technology may soon be the most common way to talk to employers and start making money.

The fair itself will take place in October, but due to the unique nature of virtual job conferencing, it will require some time to set up. In July, prospective employers will install individual web conference booths. Then, from August through September, job seekers will be able to visit each booth to download information about the available jobs as well as to determine which booths they will visit in October.

Then the magic begins. On October 5th and 6th, the life science students will go from booth to booth, speaking via web conference with future employers about the jobs they have available. Based on the success of this virtual venture, video conference job interviews could be a reality very soon.