Are you prepared for the top three workplace trends in 2013?

Thursday, May 9 2013

In any professional sector, workplace trends dictate the way employees conduct their daily tasks, and certain expectations change greatly over time. Office fads can range from new webinar software to relaxed work-from-home policies, and new angles are always being taken in an attempt to maximize efficiency.

As 2013 continues, several interesting trends are popping up, and each one is bringing numerous challenges to both businesses and workers. If a company is unprepared to deal with these shifts, it will ultimately experience lower productivity rates and profit margins, which is a definite problem in today's fluctuating economy.

Offices around the world are desperate to get their hands on the latest technology, and this desire shows in the prevalence of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend. With BYOD, employees bring their own smartphones and mobile devices to a working environment, and they use these tools to send emails, browse the web and perform other critical tasks.

However, certain aspects still cannot be completed through mobile devices, or sometimes it is better to use a desktop or laptop computer. One example of this is secure video conferencing - There are many concerns about security on BYOD devices, because most of them cannot be regulated by a company's IT department. Therefore, the best web conferencing software is found on computers, not smartphones or other portable devices.

Social media
The rise of the internet has also sparked a dependence upon Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and most corporations have at least one social media account on one of these websites. A social media policy is best used in conjunction with a supporting presentation - for example, you could use Twitter to promote an educational video conference through hashtags. Your prospective viewers can then log into a web based conferencing proxy to watch your proposal or demonstration. With the proper video conferencing tools, you will be able to handle thousands of attendees in the event that your presentation goes viral.

Remote workers and evaluations
The final top trend in the professional world is remote working. Human resources departments use video interviewing software to evaluate candidates who are based hundreds of miles away, and other businesses allow tenured employees to work from wherever there is an internet connection, so long as productivity doesn't suffer. If you need to schedule a conference or meeting with your remote workers, do not hesitate to invest in video conferencing technology.