Australian market for video conferencing to grow

Wednesday, August 18 2010

The video conferencing market in Australia and New Zealand is expected to grow significantly in the next four years.

The two countries are likely to experience a surge in video conferencing thanks to government funding for telepresence systems and a decrease in bandwidth costs. Video conferencing as a business and healthcare solution is especially popular in Australia and New Zealand, where sparse populations and a relatively small rural infrastructure can make travel difficult and cost-prohibitive.

"Throughout 2009 the video conferencing endpoints market remained active despite the global recession with new product launches from both emerging and established vendors," said Pranabresh Nath, an analyst at Frost and Sullivan.

Nath also commented on the popularity of pure Internet protocol systems that use web conferencing to communicate.

"Pure IP systems are already widely deployed in urban cities of the region," he said. "As bandwidth costs continue to decline and become more available beyond these urban areas, we expect pure IP systems to see huge uptake in the mid- to long-term."

The Australian government is further encouraging the development of nationwide video conferencing by investing AU$392.3 million in video-based teleheath systems.