Bank of Moscow makes use of video conferencing

Thursday, February 24 2011

Customer service for the Bank of Moscow is going full force into the digital frontier. The company recently installed video conference technology in one of its branches, allowing people to visit the booth at any time for consultation.

The technology will let customers talk to a service staff member at any time of the day if they need assistance with banking activities, from account access to transfer and withdrawal issues, according to Representative for the bank Vladimir Mishugin talked to the news outlet and mentioned that the service "is not just a video ATM - it is a full-featured video call between [their] customers and Bank of Moscow's multimedia contact center."

Video conferencing allows the company to give support at times most convenient to the customer. With the technology sure to be popular with the bank's clientele, Mishugin also mentioned that the system's scalability, or its ability to handle usage growth, is flexible and that the service will soon be offered in other branches across Moscow.