Beekeeping via the web

Monday, January 3 2011

There will soon be a lot of buzz about a new webinar from the Penn State Cooperative Extension School.

Farm and Dairy reports that the school will offer a virtual Beginner Beekeeping class starting in February.

The goal of the webinar is to create a foundation of beekeeping knowledge for participants so they can confidently manage honeybees. Students will get the training directly through their computer thanks to audio/video technology.

These presentations will be interactive, allowing students to ask questions and communicate with the professors. If a session is missed, students can view recorded webinars online until the end of the year. The program is a year-long course.

Seven live webinars will make up the course, according to Farm and Dairy, and there will also be a virtual beekeeping field day.

Instructors, although perhaps miles away from their students, will be accessible through discussion forums and virtual office hours.

According to the Telegraph, beekeeping, or apiculture, is one of the oldest professions because there is no other way to make honey. Contributor Jim Hill suggests that beginners start out by helping another beekeeper for a season, whether it's for a hobby or to make a little extra cash. Just make sure to have protective clothing before you start.