Boosting the signal with online meetings helps collaboration

Friday, July 27 2012

One of the biggest hurdles in communication can be distance. There have been a number of innovations meant to close this gap, but the physical presence is always lacking with phone, email and text chatting tools. A video conference call can make a much bigger impact and get projects moving faster.

Students in Boston are using video conferencing tools to connect with their peers in other nations, according to The Border Mail. These tools allow live links to other parts of the world, enhancing understanding of other cultures and giving young people a broader world view. These tools were once restrictively expensive, but modern tools are simple and cheap to procure, making them accessible to users at every level.

Carl Weinschenk wrote for IT Business Edge that more companies are using these online web meeting tools for the same reasons, as well as connecting with other parts of their own corporation. Remote workers and international offices are all able to speak face-to-face with real-time audio and video conferencing systems that operate through standard Internet connections. These enterprise-level solutions enhance collaboration, boost productivity and make employees in every part of the organization feel more engaged with daily operations.