Celebrate landmark events at remote locations with video conferencing

Tuesday, December 20 2011

With the use of video conferencing, business professionals no longer have to miss out on major milestone events in the office simply because they are away on business trips. When a close colleague receives word of the promotion that she has been anxiously awaiting for months, coworkers can set up an online meeting with the out-of-town employee so that he can witness and join in on the joyful celebration.

Video conferencing can also help families, who may not otherwise be able to celebrate holidays or special anniversaries, gather together in one place. A father traveling for business who has never once missed his son's birthday can maintain his perfect attendance when he sets up an online meeting and sings "Happy Birthday" along with the rest of the family.

Even better than a holiday or birthday card, a personal greeting via video conferencing can be the most intimate way to share a message to a loved one or peer. Individuals who spend significant periods of time out of the country can show their friends how much they've changed or stayed the same when they meet online through an interactive web meeting.

Advanced services like MegaMeeting's video conferencing allows family members, friends or business colleagues from all over to tune into online meetings with its multi-way conferencing capabilities.