Choose an outfit for a video conference

Wednesday, April 24 2013

Business leaders don't have to be fashionistas to prepare for video conferences. With quality video conferencing software, company officials can dress for success and display their firms' professionalism to large groups of attendees. 

A video conference is a great opportunity to share important details about your business with associates and clients. The following tips can help you decide which outfit to wear during a video meeting. 

1. Consider muted colors - Light pastels are easy to see and enable business leaders to make positive first impressions. Muted colors are perfect for video conferences, and business associates can wear professional attire that features these colors and will not distract meeting participants. 

2. Avoid bright colors - Company leaders will benefit from avoiding bright, colorful outfits. While company administrators want to differentiate their firms from the competition, wearing extremely light or dark clothing can sometimes make it difficult for attendees to see these speakers during video meetings. 

3. Keep it simple - Approaching a video conference as you would any other meeting is ideal. Business officials who dress as they normally would for an in-person meeting will display their firms' devotion to their employees and patrons.