Companies should embrace employee training to optimize video conferencing

Friday, July 8 2011

Many of the skills and talents that workers are called upon to use in the course of a job require little to no training. Typing, speaking on the phone, browsing the internet and doing simple research are tasks that almost everyone has performed at one time or another. However, asking people to utilize web conferencing technology may be a request to do something outside of their wheelhouse.

A Harris Interactive poll surveyed over 2,300 adults to find out how they communicated with friends and family, according to the International Business Times. The research found that while 43 percent used email regularly to maintain contact with loved ones and 12 percent often sent and received texts, only 13 percent were commonly speaking via video conference.

This means that businesses should make sure that their staffs are able to sufficiently practice using a camera and monitor to speak over the internet. Without regular use of web conferencing technology and guidance from more experienced co-workers, employees may find the situation awkward and uncomfortable. To utilize video conferencing to its fullest potential, it's important to make all participants in an online conversation feel comfortable and at ease.