Conduct a sales presentation with web conferencing software

Friday, February 15 2013

Web conferencing tools are valuable for sales representatives, as these professionals can complete presentations online. However, sales staff members who are using web meeting software for the first time may feel overwhelmed in the time leading up to their conferences. 

Overcome the pressures of online sales presentations by checking out the following tips to conduct a successful web conference. 

1. Know your audience - Attendees could come from a wide range of backgrounds, but presenters who are well-prepared can deliver information effectively. Understand participants' needs and learn about audience members in advance to improve your presentation. 

2. Use ice-breakers - Start your conference on the right foot by breaking the ice with meeting attendees. Presenters can introduce themselves and encourage audience members to do the same. Additionally, open-ended questions are ideal because they enable speakers and participants to become more comfortable with one another at the beginning of a meeting.

3. Keep participants' involved throughout the gathering - Give audience members plenty of opportunities to become active participants. Respond to their concerns and questions and ask for feedback. At the end of the gathering, thank audience members for joining the web conference and follow up with an email or a phone call to learn how they felt about the meeting.