Conferencing gets boost from eLearning endeavors

Friday, August 24 2012

Not everyone can always make it to the office, but important educational materials are still essential to getting the job done. Rescheduling a meeting or a class can be a hassle if even one person can't be in attendance, so finding alternate ways to connect can keep everyone on track.

Video conferencing tools allow staff to connect with the rest of the office from any location. This lets them participate in classroom discussions, attend meetings and observe educational training even from a remote location. Forbes wrote that some enterprise events are now being held as webinars rather than forcing companies to spend the time and money to send individuals to learning summits and the like.

Virtual College wrote that these online learning programs are becoming fantastically more popular with corporations looking to save money while increasing employee engagement and boosting the value of their internal assets. Joe DiDonato from Enterprise Learning Conference and Expo told the source that these initiatives constitute almost three-fourths of business budgets in some cases as they find ways to spend less money but still get more out of the experience.