Conferencing saves more for businesses

Monday, July 9 2012

The economy is a global market and more companies are working on forging relationships with overseas entities than ever before. Because of this, finding ways for organizations to connect and collaborate is more important as well. However, sending an email or making a phone call may not be personal enough, and it certainly won't accommodate a large number of people at once.

For that reason, businesses turn to internet conferencing tools and services to see and speak with contacts even on the other side of the globe, creating lasting connections nearly as well as real face-to-face interaction can. Video conferencing has opened the door to communication before made impossible by distance.

Integrating solutions

Seeing is believing, and modern technology is no exception. Companies want instant solutions and access to video wherever and whenever they need it, rather than struggling to find tools that work with their operating systems or can communicate with that of users in other countries.

More solutions nowadays are using in-message as well as dedicated video conferencing solutions for that reason, according to Computerworld. This allows companies to use traditional meeting methods for hosting a conference. It also gives them the flexibility of one-on-one meetings between collaborators on a project or assignment by using video tools in connection with a text messaging system, mobile device or other technology.

"It's a cheap and effective way to communicate," said Justin Keen of Cloud Accountants. "I could quickly share my screen so [the client] could see clearly what I was doing. We can both see and talk [about] the reports that we are looking at, at the same time."

Keen said that this has helped in the past with resolving conflicts as well as formulating new ideas. Without paying to travel, funds can be reallocated toward implementing new solutions and making other systems run better, he said.

Saving time and money

It's not yet entirely clear just what return on investment video conferencing offers apart from travel expenses, according to Computerworld. Seeing as most human resources metrics aren't recording applicable figures right now, it's up to businesses to see the benefits themselves, not only in limiting the cost of travel and entertainment, but also in less time spent away from the office and increased productivity.