Cops using videoconferencing technology to get warrants quicker

Wednesday, March 30 2011

The Palm Bay Police Department in Florida is starting to use videoconferencing technology to get warrants from judges at a faster pace, according to TG Daily.

The news outlet explains that videoconferencing can help officers who are in the field get warrants required to obtain blood samples from people who were pulled over for DUI. Cops can easily email a judge with their laptops, and once the message is received, they can then start a conference to easily complete the procedure.

For Officer Darin Morgan, speeding up the process is integral to get impaired drivers off the street as fast as possible. "If an officer can stay within his patrol zone instead of having to drive to the courthouse or the judge's house to obtain the warrant, it saves time and increases the officer's ability to protect the public," Morgan added.

The program, which was developed by Judge David Silverman and various prosecutors in cooperation with the Palm Bay Police Department, could also be seen as a helpful tool that can be used in other types of crimes.