Create a ramp-up period for new hires with customized webinars

Thursday, October 27 2011

In sales, companies often do not have enough time to train new hires. Each day, employees are expected to reach out to hundreds of potential clients as managers struggle to balance between their personal responsibilities and training new individuals. A great way to improve business as well as successfully ramp up new hires is by creating company-specific webinars.

MegaMeeting is a video conferencing provider that can assist businesses in creating brand-specific webinars to help inform new associates. With video conferencing technology, managers are able to develop multiple sessions that are divided into categories. Therefore, as an individual continues to improve and learn new skills, an additional webinar can be introduced to help move them even further along in the training process.

MegaMeeting is a 100 percent browser-based video conferencing service that allows companies to communicate with individuals no matter their geographic location. Using any of the major internet browsers, up to 16 users can connect at one time. Companies that choose to utilize the service can effectively train multiple new hires even if they work remotely, which cuts costs and improve efficiency across the board.