Create quality web conference slides

Monday, March 11 2013

Web conferencing tools enable meeting presenters to relay valuable information to participants around the world. Microsoft PowerPoint slides are commonly used during web conferences because they allow moderators to provide fast, efficient details about complex topics. 

Using PowerPoint displays is ideal for web conference speakers, and the following tips can help these presenters develop first-rate slides. 

1. Maximize your efficiency - Consider audience members' perspectives when creating PowerPoint slides. Each display should feature main bullet points that speakers can discuss in detail. Avoid reading verbatim from the slides and use the displays as guides to stay on track during presentations. 

2. Incorporate important details into your slides - Web conferences should promote active discussions between audience members and moderators. Include a wide range of information, but try not to overload participants with content. Instead, speakers can highlight essential details during the gatherings and respond to participants' queries after the sessions. 

3. Use clear, easy-to-read fonts - Bold fonts are perfect for PowerPoint slides. With clear, easy-to-read fonts, meeting attendees can understand information quickly. Speakers can develop quality slides by using simple, consistent fonts throughout their presentations.