Customer service made easier with video conferencing technology

Tuesday, July 19 2011

Many people resent being put on hold while trying to reach a customer service agent. Any alteration in sound raises hopes that they are about to be switched over to a real person.

In today's business world, many customer service departments are beginning to offer video conferences instead of traditional calls. Removing the phone from the equation, customers are able to work, surf the internet or tend to tasks in the house while still on hold. Once there is an available operator, a signal sounds on the computer and a video conference is started between a customer and a representative.

Beyond the convenience this provides for many users too impatient to sit with a phone to their ear, video conferencing with customer service representatives gives the customer the ability to use visual representations of their issues with products. Most consumers aren't concerned with how it works, but those details are necessary to agents trying to solve any problems. Video conferencing technology has become a customary feature on many personal computers today. The same software has also been installed in offices across the country by companies like MegaMeeting. This innovative method for handling customer service allows customers to engage with an agent so that they can work together to figure out a solution to a problem or receive confirmation that a technical appointment must be made.