Demand for video conferencing increasing in South Africa

Thursday, April 7 2011

Last year, business jet-setters were wary of traveling due to the influx of visitors for the World Cup, so many relied on video conferencing technology instead. This year, the trend continues as commuting becomes a nightmare in South Africa.

Local tech company Imago Communications, which was interviewed by Gadget, explained that in 2010, many company executives were very receptive of video conferencing technology, using the system as great alternative to flying through the hectic World Cup schedule. This year, as prices for gas are at an all time high and a new toll system installed on major highways, more executives are looking into the ability to interact with clients and employees through broadband technology.

According to the company, the rise in demand can be attributed to a viral element. For example, bigger companies, which paved the way for the technology, use video conferencing to interact with suppliers. These mid-sized companies, realizing the efficiency of the technology, will then develop a similar system to be used in their office, thus catching the video conferencing bug.