Department of Defense urges use of video conferences

Monday, November 26 2012

The United States government has been cutting its expenses and implementing new technology to save money and prevent its budget deficit from growing. As FCW reports, video conferencing software is being used to replace traditional conferences, as the Office of Management and Budget has required all agencies to cut travel costs by 30 percent.

The news source also points out that the Department of Defense (DOD) sent a memo asking all agencies to think about using collaboration software before hosting physical conferences. The document explicitly asks that government workers "consider alternative means of delivering the relevant information, including usage of remote collaboration tools."

There will be some instances where agencies cannot use web technology for their meetings, but DOD's memo highlights the software's growing popularity and utility. It's much more cost-effective to bring people together online than it is to pay for expensive trips.

Remote meeting technology allows government agencies to quickly share information with each other and citizens. Web conferencing applications also create greater lines of communication so that vital data can be broadcast in real time rather than waiting for large meetings, allowing bureaus and offices to analyze trends as they appear.