Developing cloud technology could lower video conferencing costs in 2012

Thursday, January 5 2012

Businesses experiencing the budget saving benefits of web conferencing might be pleasantly surprised if predictions come true that cloud-based solutions will drive down video conferencing costs. A recent industry report suggests businesses are adopting cloud technology and embracing virtual desktop infrastructure. Video conferencing on-the-go and personal video conferencing could be the answer for businesses looking to offset operating costs and increase productivity by enabling their workforce to connect anywhere, anytime.

For the past few years, the video conferencing industry has been trending away from expensive hardware-based technology that restricted web meetings to the office. In a move towards software-based solutions and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, industry professionals are developing cloud solutions to meet consumers' demands for mobility and flexibility. A transition to the cloud could mean that employees use a variety of devices that operate on different platforms from virtually anywhere.

As the new technology develops and spreads, companies can look forward to shedding the expensive hardware costs that were once required to set up video conferencing in the office. Video conferencing will continue to become more affordable for businesses as cloud technology develops and the price/performance ratios improve.