Do you need a headset for your video conference?

Tuesday, July 9 2013

Video conferencing technology simplifies meetings as professionals can discuss important matters with associates around the world without ever leaving their desks. Many workers open their programs and start talking to other attendees, but that can be a problematic approach for employees in open offices.

Unless you're in an isolated space, conference participants will be able to hear others speaking in the background and your nearby associates will be forced to listen to your meeting. David Adelman, founder and CEO of Reel Tributes and ReelGenie, told the Young Entrepreneur Council that you should always use a headset during video conferences.

"While they may look a little goofy, headsets free your hands so you can take notes during the video conference. They also keep the noise level down, so if there are others in the room, they won't be listening to your conversations, and other people on the call won't hear the echo of their own voices either," Adelman said.

Find a headset that's comfortable to wear and compatible with your computer. Before every conference, you should connect the devices to ensure that you can listen to the discussion without interrupting others around you.