Dodge City, KS, residents to learn about music via video conferencing

Monday, September 27 2010

Residents of Dodge City, Kansas, will be getting a tutorial via video conferencing on how to operate the newest handheld music playing devices.

The Dodge City Public Library is organizing a video conferencing event designed to help city residents who are new to the world of iPods and MP3s learn about how to download, listen to and store the latest and hottest tracks, as well as all their old favorites, the Dodge City Daily Globe reports.

The main library will connect to the more rural Salina Public Library via video conferencing to help residents of the Kansas county gain an introduction to contemporary music devices later this week. The presentation will concentrate on understanding how to use an iPod and iTunes, and will also feature a discussion on free and legal music downloads online.

The library itself is also becoming more modern. The paper reports that the library is converting several books into MP3 format and has available downloadable music and books through a state program called "Audiobooks, music and more!"