Drawing attention to online conferencing technology

Friday, August 10 2012

Video conferencing technology has served the business industry well for a number of years. As this technology becomes more familiar and accessible to others, more innovation is coming out than ever before, and companies are poised to gain major leaps in productivity from increased collaborative tools.

The healthcare field has found a number of good uses for web conferencing in recent years, as InformationWeek pointed out. Doctors are able to speak with patients who can't come into the office, as well as monitor other vital systems on a regular basis. Those with chronic conditions may gain the most from this achievement, reducing the amount of doctor's appointments they must attend, making them more independent and productive.

The prison system also has seen improvements in safety and connectivity thanks to web meetings, the New York Times wrote. Inmates are able to remotely link with visitors, increasing their visitation time overall and reducing the likelihood of contraband or security concerns.

These initiatives are saving individuals and taxpayers millions of dollars each year, according to the reports. Activities like these are suitable for business and personal use, but when corporate officers make use of these tools, it's clear that there's more than just face value in these tools. Discovering additional uses will increase productivity and save money for all.