End your webinar with a call to action

Thursday, July 18 2013

Many companies use video conferencing technology to conduct webinars. The digital sessions can be beneficial from a marketing perspective because they position an enterprise as a thought leader. A number of elements have to be included in a meeting to reach that objective, but none are more important than the conclusion.

According to Social Media Today, webinars should end with a call to action. This can be a prompt to complete a specific task or to consider a question without a definite answer. The goal is motivate viewers to take further action after they've finished watching your session.

To determine the ideal call to action, consider your objectives before your webinar. If you want to expand your lead list, instruct consumers to submit their contact information. To find new clients, tell participants to contact your employees with their questions or concerns.

Having clear goals will ensure that you can create a call to action that furthers your agenda. Develop innovative ways to motivate prospects to reach out to your company and interact with promotional materials. Ultimately, this will help you find new business and strengthen your bottom line.