Enhance the learning experience with web conferencing

Thursday, November 17 2011

Classes from the elementary level all the way to the university level are utilizing web conferencing technology to change the shape of learning and keep students engaged. Introducing young students to new technology can be a beneficial way to prepare them for trends that will soon be the norms of society.

Web conferencing is prevalent in all aspects of society - in business, education, music, science and more - and today's generation is highly benefiting from its educational purposes.

Some universities have set up webinars and video conferencing sessions to enlighten prospective study abroad students. The University of Rochester in New York set up an informational session for students on the Rochester campus who were interested in the Italian Studies in Tuscany program. The session allowed students to video chat with individuals currently studying in Tuscany. The approach may be the next best thing to sending the students to Tuscany for a test run.

Another way that students can use web conferencing to their educational benefit is by presenting a mock business plan to a high-level corporate professional who can judge them accordingly, as if it were a real-life business proposal. The students can gain real world knowledge and effective marketing tactics and apply the skills to their future jobs.