Establish webinar software follow-up evaluations

Monday, April 8 2013

Teaching workers how to use webinar software can be tricky, especially for employees who are using the platform for the first time. However, company officials can use follow-up evaluations to effectively review workers' webinar expertise and ensure that staff members fully understand the benefits of this software. 

Quality webinar software assists businesses of all sizes, and companies can significantly benefit by incorporating various follow-up activities into their tutorials, including:

1. Surveys - Use open- and closed-ended questions to learn how employees will incorporate webinars into their everyday work. Surveys are easy to complete and provide valuable information that business officials can use to enhance future tutorials. 

2. Quizzes - Short, simple quizzes help company leaders evaluate team members' webinar skills. The examinations can be provided immediately after a training session and deliver instant insights to business administrators. 

3. Polls - With polls, company leaders can get feedback from workers periodically. Webinar software could influence staff members every day, and business officials who provide polls to workers can offer updated tutorials to ensure that employees can maximize their use of this quality platform.