Expand your employee search with video conferencing

Thursday, May 31 2012

As the country becomes increasingly mobile and businesses grow more familiar with conducting national - and even international - recruitment searches, the ability to hold a successful interview can be tough. Few candidates are willing to buy a plane ticket if they are not convinced that they will be given an offer. On the other side, paying for multiple candidates to travel in order to be interviewed in person can be financially impossible for many businesses. In an attempt to overcome this obstacle, many companies are turning to online conferencing as way to interview potential hires across the country and world.

Zappos, an online shoe retailer began using the technology to conduct interviews in order to avoid about a thousand dollars for each candidate to fly to the firm's headquarters, according to Time.

As opposed to phone interviews, the company found that video conferencing allowed hiring managers to get a better feel for each candidate.

"If you see facial expressions and body language, you have a different sense of what a person is saying," Zappos' recruiting manager Christa Foley told the news source.

With the economy recovering, and companies more willing to look beyond the local area for candidates again, many businesses have been turning to video conferencing to cast a wide net while reeling in their expenses.