Finding green ways to work

Thursday, August 9 2012

Collaboration and team-building are essential to driving progress internally, but when an organization wants to be as progressive as possible, it must look at environmental initiatives as well. These boost corporate culture, cut costs and save the planet, making businesses look more attractive to both clients and employees alike.

Video conferencing is one of the best ways to meet all these goals, according to Remote Worker, combining the flexibility of working from wherever with the lack of building, fuel or other costs. Incorporating this technology frees up more office space and lets employees expand their working worlds. It also means a business doesn't need to pay for physical buildings anymore, hosting all job activities online if it so chooses.

The Guardian wrote that keeping track of carbon emissions can show how effective web conferencing can be when it comes to cutting a corporation's and an individual's footprint. Eliminating commuting will give industry a huge leg up in the race to save the planet. While there is still electricity and other resources being consumed to conduct online meetings, these methods are much more considerate of the planet than burning fossil fuels.