Flight problems highlight benefits of video conferencing technology

Thursday, July 25 2013

Many professionals are occasionally asked to travel for work. Whether it's to attend a training conference or meeting with potential clients, employees are expected to take short trips around the country and return home as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some workers are left stranded as their flights are delayed or canceled outright.

Problems with air travel have become more commonplace this year. According to the Research and Innovative Technology Administration, 18.73 percent of arrivals have been delayed as of late July 2013, an increase from 14.44 percent last year. Further, 1.66 percent of flights have been canceled, which is 0.59 percent higher than 2012's rate.

Delays and cancelations can be problematic for both companies and their staff members. The former may have to pay additional expenses like hotel rooms while workers wait for their flights, while the latter will be frustrated as they search for ways to get home.

Video conferencing technology can eliminate these problems for all involved. The digital meeting platform allows employees to speak face to face with anyone around the world without having to fly to remote locations and worry about delays or cancelations.