Foreign language teachers use video conferencing technology to reach students

Thursday, February 2 2012

Video conferencing often presents the opportunity for students to meet with teachers from afar when they aren't able to connect in person. Distance learning can save students and teachers the time and expense of travel, especially in the case of learning foreign languages. Video conferencing services offer students the opportunity to participate in language immersion without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Foreign language teachers that are still in their native countries can use online meetings to instruct international students.  Students can enjoy the benefits of a live, interactive lesson from a native speaker when they aren't able to regularly attend classes.

Engaging in conversations with first-language speakers allows students to go beyond the grammar and vocabulary lessons in traditional classes to include cultural immersion. The convenient scheduling can accommodate business professionals that are learning the language for a foreign business trip, overseas transfer or promotion.

Some language learning services require registration for participation in lessons on their websites. Video conferencing services such as Mega Meeting are software-based and only require users to have a computer and internet connection to connect with international tutors for language lessons in Spanish, French, Chinese or Italian.